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Question on Values from Report Painter

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Hi All

I have defined a report painter report using the Library 0FL allowing the dril down functionality.

however, when i drill down on a certain figure, the amount showin on the report is not in sync with the total I get when i drill down..

Can anyone suggest to me why this is happening and how i can get the 2 figures to match?

Thank you


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hellio Rukshana,

I would suggest you to please check the SAP Note 1317478 (Report Writer: Drilldown not handled properly).

In case the problem is not solved, please execute first the report RFFMRC20 and later report RFFMRC04 and reconstruct data.

Here it is important that you execute these programs only for the earmarked fund that you are having the issue. Execute it in one test system in test run first and look for results.

RFFMRC04 program analyzes differences between line items and totals records in Funds Management.

If you start the program as an update run, it automatically adjusts the relevant totals records.

Ensure that no postings are made while the program is running as this may lead to errors being displayed where none has occurred. If the program finds FM account assignments where the line item total is not the same as the relevant totals record, these lines are marked in red. The system displays the amount total (totals record), line item total, and amount type for each line.

Please check the documentation of this program in SE38 for more information.

I hope this helps.

Kindly let me know if you are talking about some other drill down fucntionality other than the above.

Thank you.

Suresh Jayanthi.

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