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Question on Quota Arrangement

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Hi, All,

I am testing a scnerio regarding Quota Arrangment. Steps are below:

1. Create Info Record 1 for Vendor 1 and Material A; and Info Record 2 for Vendor 2 and Material A.

2. Create Contract for Vendor 1 and Material A; Create Scheduling Agreement for Vendor 2 and Material A.

3. Maintain Sorce List for Material A with Vendor 1 and Vendor 2, along with respective Contract and Scheduling Agreement assignment. MRP indicator 1 and 2 in Source List.

4. Maintain Quota Arrangment for Material A. Assign Vendor 1 30%, Assign Vendor 2 70%.

5. Get demand for material A through run MRP. Quantity: 1000

6. Convert Planned Order to Purchase Requisition for Material 1000.

Then I found the material 1000 only go to the big portion quota Vendor 2. Vendor 1 assignemnt is 0. I use ME58. ME56. to assign source.

What happened?

Please help me on this. How to use Quota Arrangment? How to set up.

Many thanks in advance

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Pl. check Lot size in material master. If the same does not allow splitting, then the quantity will not be splitt but will be assigned only to one vendor, which will be the first due vendor as per quota calculation. If this is the case, then change the lot size to another one which allowes splitting of quantity during MRP run. Also, pl. check whether the splitting applies to PR converted from planned order. I think it applies only to PRs directly generated from MRP. Hence, pl. change the procurement type in Material master to F. In this case the PRs / schedule lines will be generated according to quota arrangement.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Check few among the following things:

1. Check whether there is progresive fill up allowed or not...if it is, then system will issue one by one only to the vendors...

2. Allot the minimum splitting qty, so that the whole lot will not be assigned to the vendor..

If you'll allow the splitting the material will get divided as per the percentage given...and if this you wanna to do from the second allotment then use the 1X indicator...

Hope it helps..