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Question on dynamic actions

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I have a question regarding the Sequence Number field in dynamic actions:

Assuming you have the following condition set for dynamic actions:

0001 06 57 P T001P-MOLGA<>'08'

0001 06 58 P P0000-MASSN<>'12'

0001 06 59 * F Call Routine

0001 06 150 P P0000-MASSN<>'10'

Being 57, 58 and 150, will the last condition (150) be joined with the previous two?

I'm asking this question for the case when the sequence number 59 line was commented, and the conditions before were not by mistake.

Thank you

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Answers (3)

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The statements will be executed one by one sequentially. However, if you want to execute the statements in lines 57, 58 in conjection with line 150, it depends on whether there are any other lines after 58, and if so the coding in these lines. If there are no lines b/w 58 and 150 then it will work.



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As long as the conditions are written one after another, it will be read accordingly.

But why would you want to skip in the seq nunber?

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Yes it will be joined.