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Question about shipment for GR - MIGO

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Dear Guru,

Currently , we are using MIGO with Shipment Number ( inbound delivery were assigned to this shipment ) for the Purchase Goods Receipt .

Everything is working fine . But i have one question :

How does sap know which inbound delivery items are open for goods receipt or close ? Because i found SAP didn't update the inbound delivery status after we partial receipted the goods .

Please advise .

Thanks a lot !

Best Regards,

Carlos Zhang

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Hi Carlos,

Check the following configuration setting to update inbound delivery status for partial GR,

SPRO - Logistics Execution - Shipping - Basic Shipping Functions - Configure Global Shipping Data

Here check the 'Document Flow Update' indicator.

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Thanks Shailesh .

But according to my understanding , the inbound delivery note's status is not updated if we used MB0A/MIGO base on shipment number , right ?

And everytime when we do the partial goods receipt for shipment , SAP can very smart to show us which items are open for GR .

Actually , I was asking the logic of this open GR calculation .. whether there have a table or column can identify the item is open or not ..

or whether sap is using some FMs to calcuate the open GR list base on shipment ?



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Sorry Shailesh . It is my mistake .

The status is updated for the "Overall -> Goods Receipt" field after the GR if the 'Document Flow Update' indicator is enabled .

But do you know how SAP calculate the open GR list during the GR step ( in the screen of MIGO ) ?

Thanks again !