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​Question about apply user dafaults in our fiori elements app

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I'm trying to apply user defaults in our list reports app with reference to Applying User Defaults in SAP S/4HANA on UYT. But still not work, what else should we do?

ICF node FIN_ACC_USERPAR activated


Assign all business role needed

Add parameter in mm_app and save to a new TR UYTK782984

Target mapping upload to the launchpad designer.

Set Default Value but nothing happened when I open our app.

Check the Network data package, In the response of start_up request, we found our target mapping without any parameters.

For comparison, this is another target mapping under the same catalog.

This makes me confused. Why is target mapping parameters set up in the Launchpad Designer can't be sent to the app.

What's more, this is related code in manifest.json, is it enough?

		"crossNavigation": {
			"inbounds": {
				"ManageRecurringSupplierInvoice": {
					"semanticObject": "RecurringSupplierInvoice",
					"action": "manage",
					"signature": {
						"parameters": {
							"CompanyCode": {
								"defaultValue": { "value": "UserDefault.extended.CompanyCode", 
												  "format": "reference" }
							"sap-xapp-state": {}
						"additionalParameters": "allowed"

what else should I do to apply user defaults in our app?

Thank you in advance

Best Regards

Yao, Pengfei

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