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Dear Friends,

I am maintaining the High Rack Storage Type & Bins for Semi & Finished materials seperately.I maintained mixed storage allowed in each storage type.

First, i tell the activities what they are Physically doing,after creation of production order and they are taking the print out of that and given to warehouse person,i want to make this finished material. so, please issue this semi finished items..the warehouse person also issued that material with respect to Production Order print out...

But, in SAP

1.Production Order Created for one finished material,which contains the BOM item of one semi-finished material and corresponding batch number also.

2.Confirm that Production Order in CO15, here backflush also activated.So, automatically 261 Movement type (Goods issue) done for semi finished material.

3.Anyway, automatic Transfer Requirement created with respect to Material document(261)

4.I also set as automatic Transfer Order and Confirmation for the Movement Type 261.

Assume,the same material code and same batch number having stock in two different bins(Eg A1 & A2)Assume that warehouse person already given the stock from A1, assume A2 bin stock system suggesting because its comes under FIFO...

Please, tell how to solve this problem in Physcial & SAP activity.

How, can i match this bins:

1. Warehouse person issued bin stock

2. Automatic T.O creation in 261

Give ur views

From sas...

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Dear Friends,

Some other good solutions from any one....

From sas..

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I understand that you have different bins with stock and system is proposing a bin according to FIFO (as your strategy is FIFO). If you want to issue the semi-finished goods from a different bin you need to change the bin manually at the time of TO creation/Confirmation. You can change your storage type accordingly. i.e.Storage bin can be changed during confirmation. At this time I know only this alternate.



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What exactly is the issue?

Are you using the WM/PP interface? It now seems that picking in WM is done after confirmation of the production order. Or is done after release?

In my opinion you have 2 options:

1) after release of the order you use CO17 to create picking list. This is an MM booking and results in a TR which then can be processed in WM. Automatic TO through RLAUTA10 is possible.

2) WM/PP interface: use LP10/LP12 or LP14 for staging the materials.