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Query on Availability Check

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Hi All,

Please help be understand following scenario.

1. I have created a Sales order with Qty 100, It has created two Schedule Lines on two dates as total quantity is not available on single Date.

2. The two schedule lines created are for Qty 58 with Material availability date on 01/26/2009 and Qty 42 on 01/29/2009.

3. When i go to CO09 with Check rule as "B" i am gettin Qty as 77.

My Question is when i am doing Delivery for Future data 01/29/2009 today how much is the Qty it should take to Delivery.

My understanding is it checks how much Qty is relevant for delivery from SO based on Material availability date and checks the availability based on today's Date.

Thank you


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Hi Kris

What you said is right system will check the quantity that has to be delivered and it system will also check wheather backward scheduling or forward scheduling has to be done

If in your sales order the delivery date is 29/01/2009 and the available stock is 79pcs then when you do delivery system will confirm 79pcs only. But if you have any open sales orders of that material then the stock may get reduced when you do delivery .So as you are going to CO09 , system is showing quantity of 77pcs only then in CO09 only you can check wheather there are any sales orders which are not yet delivered