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query in migo

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Dear all,

in transaction MIGO what is the function of:

<b>A09- Remove from storage

A10- Place in storage

A11- Subsequent Adjustment</b>

please provide the info


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Ajay,

A09- Remove from storage

A10- Place in storage

The above two functions in MIGO will be used for transferring material from one storage location to another storage locations or from one plant to another plant.

<u><b>Stock Transfer From Plant to Plant</b></u>

A stock transfer from plant to plant not only leads to a change in stock quantity in both plants; if both plants are assigned to different valuation areas, an accounting document is also created.

This type of stock transfer can only be carried out from unrestricted-use stock of the issuing plant to unrestricted-use stock of the receiving plant.

Stock transfers from plant to plant are relevant for Material Planning, since Materials Planning operates at plant level.


From Storage Location to Storage Location (in the Plant)</b></u>

A stock transfer from storage location to storage location in the same plant simply causes an update of the stock quantities in both storage locations. The stock value remains unchanged, and the event is not relevant for accounting.

A stock transfer from storage location to storage location is possible for all stock types

For place in Storage, the movement types used are 305, 305, - 315, 316 - 453, 454

For removal from storage, the movement types used are 303, 304 - 313, 314, - 451, 452.

<u><b>Regarding subsequent adjustment:</b></u>

If the vendor informs you after goods receipt that a greater or smaller quantity of the components was actually consumed than planned in the purchase order, you must post a subsequent adjustment to correct the goods issue posting.

From the Inventory Management menu, choose Goods movement -- Subseq. adjustment

The initial screen for this function appears.

On the initial screen enter the order number and if required, the order item.

Press ENTER to display the selection screen for GR items.

Copy the goods receipt items for which you want to correct component consumption. The selection screen for GI items is displayed. The consumption amount already posted is displayed on the second line of each item.

Enter the quantity difference. If more of the components were consumed, enter a positive amount, if fewer were consumed enter a negative amount.

Copy the items you have changed and post the document.


The value of the goods receipt is recalculated to include the subsequent quantity.

Hope this clarifies.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Dear Ajay,

Remove from storage (MvT 313) - Transfer posting from one storage location to other in the same plant

Place in storage (MvT 315)- Goods receipt at other storage location in the same plant.

Hope this clarifies.