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query creation link tables

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Dear Guru's

We are implementing to China Client

we need to create a report which consists of following tables



VBKD and


So Kindly Suggest me how to link this table when i create a query

A txt file also has been uploaded for your reference


Kiran Nazare

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi kirankumar...

You can fulfill your requirement with quickviewer(tcode- SQVI) and SAP Query. The difference between those two is, if you create report with the quickviewer that reports are userspecific

and cannot be shared with other users. for group of user you can create reports with sap query.

Creating reports with the quickviewer:

  1. Go to tcode SQVI and  specify desired quickviewer name and create.
  2. A popup will appear than select " table join" option in data source field and enter.
  3. Go to menu bar edit -- > insert tables. maintain table name and enter
  4. If you want to insert a one more table follow the step 3.
  5. Go back and select the field which you want in available fields.
  6. finally save the record and execute.
  7. you can change the report layout by using "layout mode" push button before saving the quickviewr.

Creating reports with the Query:


  1. create infosets with tcode SQ02 and specify desired infoset name and create.
  2. A popup will appear than select "table join using basis table" radio button and maintain one table name in white box .

   3. Go to menu bar edit -- > insert tables. maintain table name and enter

    4. If you want to insert a one more table follow the step 3.

    5 .Go back and select " create empty field groups" radio button on popup.

    6. select the required fields in data fields tab and drop into field groups.

    7. click on Generate button on top left.

User Groups:

    8. create the user groups with tcode SQ03 and  specify desired user group name and create.

    9  enter the user group name on popup and save the group.

    10 .on the same screen click on " assign users and info sets"

    11, enter the user names who is going to be use this particular record and click assign infosets on top left.

    12 , select your infoset and save the user group.


    13 create Query with tcode SQ01 and specify desired query name and create.

    14 select your infoset and click copy.

   15 enter the title /notes and click "Next screen (f6) button.

    16 select all your tables and click same next screen(f6) button.

   17 select all the field witch you want and again click same next screen(f6) button.

    18 select the all fields and enter. so now you can assign the number sequence to the field

   19. now you can change the layout design by selecting "Basic list" button.

   20 save the query and you can test the query by selecting 'Test" button on top left.

If you want any further clarifications , please let me know.



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Dear Patchala

thanks for the reply

Can We Combine fields from delivery and sales order, ie., likp and vbap directly or we need to take a help of other table for this.

At same time if this  Query  must be used by the other user, how can he use it as in assign user in SQ03(mentioned user).


Kiran Nazare

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hi kirankumar...

  • You can combine fields directly, here no need to take the help of other tables.
  • The only assigned users in user group are authorized to access the sap query.



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LIPS, you can find field VGBEL and VGPOS for sales document number and item number.

You can try using LIPS as a base and then join with LIKP, VBAP with the 2 fields mentioned above.

In Join

I prefer non-graphical join in SQ02. In SQ02 --> Settings --> Settings --> Uncheck Graphical join.

In Join, Key in LIKP and define condition. On the right hand side click on the plus sign for this 2 tables, and click yes on propose requested. Next, key in VBAP and select LIPS and VBAP table to define conditions.then click on plus sign on the join conditions. Select No on propose conditions. See below example.

In the link conditions, fille in the value as shown below. Continue to finish your query and try it, you should be able to link it.

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