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Query based alerts to trigger on event

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Hi All,

I know you can configure alerts to run based on custom queries on a regular interval, say every 1 hour.  Is there any way to trigger the alert at the time of an event happening instead, for example when a user change a certain field in Item Master an alert triggers based on a query.


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Business One doesn't supports alerts for events, however you can follow bellow procedure to achieve the same.

1) Write Query which gives result for a fixes duration based only when changes are made, you can use linked history tables for detecting any changes.

2) Set the alert for regular intervals.

3) Alert wont work when query result is blank.

4) You can use DateDiff() function in where clause to limit results to specific number of days.

The above process doesn't gives immediate alert but it does the trick.


You can create customized alert using SDK

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There is no way to do it with standard function.

But you can use some complicated way to do similar things in near real time.

Use SP post transaction notification to capture the transaction, and write related transaction info into a customized table. And do more stuff on your customized table.


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Atleast system needs minimum of 3 minutes to trigger the alert.