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Quantity contract

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While creating sales order with reference to quantity contract , system should not allow to create sales order for more then quantity mentioned in contract.

For example:

Quantity contract is created for 50 KG , sales order created with reference to contract should be only 50 KG , system should not allow to create sales order for 60 KG.

Please guide how to configure this setting.


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Answers (3)

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In the Item category KMN (Quantity contract item), enter "Completion Rule - C".

So, once the total target quantiy is fully refered, the Contract gets completed status and it will not allow you to refer the Contract any more.

Beside this , ensure that in copy control (VTAA) at Item level, "Pos./Negative quantity" field has value "+" and the "Copy quantity" field should be "Blank".

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Hi Nishanth,

Do the following settings:

1. In transaction code VOV8 copy CQ & save as Z document type. Also copy OR & save as Z order type.

2. Maintain copy control settings in transaction code VTAA (sales document to sales document). Here maintain the following settings:

Header Level

Data T - 051

Data T - 101

Data T - 001

Copying Requirements - 002

Copy Item Number - Tick it

Item Level

Data T - 151

Data T - 102

Data T - 002

FPLA - 251

Copying Requirements - 301

Pos/Neg Quantity - +

Update Document Flow - X

Pricing Type - D

Note: Update document flow is very important as the system will keep a track of the reference documents created with respect to the quantity contract. When the total item quantity has been used for the sales orders, then the referencing will be stopped.

3. In transaction code VOV4 maintain the proper item category determination settings for the quantity contract as well as the sales order.

With best regards,

Allabaqsh G. Patil.

Idhasoft Ltd.

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Hi allabaqsh patil ,

Thanks For you support as per your suggestion I have done configuration with this I have achieved control on quantity.

But there is not control in Date.

If my contract expire date is 25.06.2009 , but I f create a sales order and if my request date is 26.07.2009 system is not stopping me , sales order is getting saved , to avoid this where i need to do configuration.

Please suggest.