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Quantity based scheduling

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Dear Guru,

I have 4 workcenter combained in routing operation 10, 20, 30 and 40.

in first WC operation 10 i can give the time for Base QTY 1 PC = 10 min

2nd WC operation 20 is cleaning bath where i can put only 40 PC ie 1 - 40 PC it will take 350 mins to complete the operation

3rd WC operation 30 is annealing where i can put 1 - 80 PC at a time it will take 150 mins to complete the operation.

Now my issue is how to define routing timing for this.

If the order qty is within 1 - 40 PC second operation should schedule for 350 min

if order qty is more than 40 - 80 PC second operation should schedule for 700 min

I am thinking to create LOT size based routing .. but operation 20 and 30 is making some confusion to me.

Please give me some light

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Jagadish,

Thanks for your responce. what is the value in nned to maintain for "Volume of the base quantity"?

and my base qty.

In my case annealing workcenter capacity is 80 PC for one run with time as 10 min.

if it is lot is 90 PC then system should give 20 min time.

Please explain



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Dear All,

Answered by own.

In formula for workcenter i made like

(sap_09 DIV sap_08 + 1) * machin Hr

oper qty 50

base qty 40

machine hr 10 min

50 DIV 40 + 1 = 2

2*10= 20 min



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