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Quality notification - credit note creation, workflows, responsibility matrix


Hello Experts,

Our client is decommissioning SAP CRM where they have built customizations to handle customer complaints and it is also integrated with SAP ECC to create credit notes for refund. They are also converting to S/4HANA. As a replacement, we are recommending the use of quality notification object in S/4HANA. But I am not sure the level of customization needed for the below requirements. Request your view on these:

1. Trigger credit note creation from quality notification - Standard /Pure customization/ or BADI exists?

2. Create workflows depending on the type of customer complaint - Standard /Pure customization/ or BADI exists?

3. Derive person responsible for the workflows based on a responsibility matrix - Standard /Pure customization/ or BADI exists?

4. Perform root cause analysis - I think it is standard but where exactly in a notification is this performed?

Based on my initial research 1 and 3 are not standard. 3 seems like pure customization. For 2 I see a node in SPRO for workflows but not sure if it is sufficient. I think we will have to create new QM notification types for different types of customer complaint.

Thank you in advance for the help!!!

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I have the same issue and questions, adding only one more to the above ones. Is it possible to create or is there any Fiori app regarding notification analysis? Like we have for inspection lots for example.

Thank you in advance.