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Quality Inspection on Delivery at the Delivery Document Level

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Our client requests that a single inspection lot be created for a delivery note, regardless of the number of items or variability of the items on the delivery. We're using the standard delivery process, so on delivery creation, they want to see one and only one inspection lot related to the delivery.

I've explained that inspection is at the material level, but they aren't interested in entering inspection results for however many items are on the delivery (and there could be quite a few!).

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That's a tough one.

The only thing I can think of is to create a dummy non-valued material called "Final Delivery Inspection" and make it a Free of charge item. Qty = 1 EA. Train all sales people to make this the first item on every delivery. Then set this material up for inspection to drive the creation of the inspection lots. Possibly you can use a user exit when an order is created to automatically add this item so the sales people don't have to.