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Quality certificate

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Dear All,

I have created a profile, assigned characteristics to profile, released it and in qc15 this profile is assigned to a material and plant.

Now when i print certificate, no chrac are there on certificate. but when i assign this profile to material plant and also customer then it prints charateristics on certificate.

please guide me how can i print char on certificate by maintaining onle material and profile assignment.

Actually problem is that if i have to maintain material profile and customer assignemnts then for each material there are 100 customers for which i have to maintain these assignments.but i want that if i do not make assignment for customer then it should automatically print certificate for any customer as i dont want to restrict customer.please guide me

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Answers (2)

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How many tables do you have in your access sequence and what is the order of the tables? It sounds as if you might have the order of the tables in reverse order possibly.

You should have probably at least 3 tables.

I like to have three tables.



Material class


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I am not very sure how this can haapen but have you created the customer specific task lists & assigned MIC's to it.


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what u mean y task list. actually problem is that if i maintain material customer and profile relationship then all characteristics appears on certificate. but if i only maintain material profile relationship then characteristics does not appear on certificate.