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Quality certificate issue

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Hi all

I have created one certificate profile. I have assigned characteristic, material with inspection type and released.

Then I have defined condition types for output determination. (LQCB and form QM_QCERT_01) as well as partner functions

Then I have defined above condition type in output determination procedure.

In t-code QC15 I have defined material customer combination with certificate profile.

In VV21 t-code I have defined customer, partner printer and form details.

After delivery when I tried to create quality certificate system throws  error

No certificate profile was found

I have found that there is a problem with profile determination

I have already created certificate profile.

same info getting in other access details

When I look output of outbound delivery, certificate status is showing incorrectly processed.

What config is missing??

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The screen shot clearly shows condition record has not been maintained for the material for which you have created delivery.  Also ensure that the validity period of QC15 is within the delivery date.

G. Lakshmipathi