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QM02 - Logic Capturing Prod Ord in New Report

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My client wants to develop a report wherein he will get a detail output of Notification Number, Production Order, Inspection lot, Batch etc in one report.Everything is developed and captured from VIQMEL table except Production Order.

The production order in VIQMEL u2013 FERTAUFNR is not the one that I need.

I want to know the logic behind capturing the Production order entered in QM02 while creating Notification, the type being Deviation. In the header screen of QM02 in the object list table below they select the drop down of Order and enter the production order . I need to pick up this order in my report.

Can anybody let me know the logic behind capturing this order in my report since it is stored in as structure or the where this order can be picked up.



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Hello, not completely clear your requirement... but Production Order should be stored in table QMEL-AUFNR. Can you use it for your report?

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Hi ,

We have ECC 6.0.

when we go to QM02 , I enter the notification number which has type as "DV - Deviation".

I enter enter any one of Material, Plant and Batch in reference object tab in the header screen.

Below there is a tab of ASSIGNED OBJECT u2013 ITEM1 which is having object category drop down as "ORDER" " Inspection Lot".

Out of this I select object category as Order and enter the production Order number "1000001".

I add new line item in the object assignment tab and enter another Prod Order and so on.

so this means I have created notification of type " Deviation- DV " for many production orders.

I need to capture this production orders in my new Lot history report.

The order where I enter order number the technical details are the table which is of category structure and i.e." QNAOS_OBJ_DATA_UI " and the field is " ORDER_NO " and not AUFNR.

The order which is in QALS is not what I need neither QMEL-AUFNR is what I need.

I hope this is clear.