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Dear Friends,

There are not much thread related to QM year end activity.

Please let me know is there any number ranges that depends on year. So that I can extend the same for the next year also.

Any other Year end activity related to QM .

costs must be settled (may be a Quality order or Internal order)

What is the meaning of above statement?

Is it mandatory to make U.D for all Inspection lots.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Dhananjayappa

costs must be settled (may be a Quality order or Internal order)


You are creating any QM order or Internal order,It has one sending(requesting) cost center & receiving (responsible)cost center.

Let's consider that You have done some scrap of component X.respeonsible is Faulty Wokmanship.

When you are scrapping component X ,cost must be dibited from shop floor account(as faulty wokmanship-->G/L account) and must be credited to some account.Value will be cost of Comp X.

Now this happens because of Settlement rule as per cost element maintained in Internal order or Quality order.(these are FICO terms)

When scrapping takes place cost will not immeditly move form one Cost center to other.It must be settled periodically by t-code KO88.

After this run actually cost moves....

So before yerar ending it is mandetoty to seetle all such orders.

2.Yes UD of all lots must be taken(especially stock relevent lots like 01,04,10,08 etc)

so that if it is 01 then vendor shooould get payment or if it is 04 then cost must be get settled against Production order.

and Invoice must be happen before finacial year ending

I hope i have made u understand.


Sujit S gujar

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi Dhanan,

-Ensure Inspection is done and UD & stock posting is done for all lots

-Costs are to be settled, if any



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Dear Dhananjaya

1) All standard number ranges for inspection lot, mic, method are all independent of year . So you need not worry

2) Please check whether any number ranges you have defined for certificates based in Year, then you may need to extend the same for the next year also

3) All QM orders / internal order needs to be settled (means the cost it carries or recorded using this order needs to settled against a cost center ) but normaly this is an FI activity and it happens automaticaly in backgroud.

4) All PM order used for calibration and for the orders for which calibration has happaned make sure that the orders are TECO

5) It is not mandatpry to give UD for all inspection lots. It depends on the bussiness decision.

6) Check for any report which needs to work from ( Jan - dec ) period report.

As far as i know there are the QM activities