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QM with handling units and WM

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Dear All,

I am really stuck in this flow. I createan inspection lot on receipt for a production order in a non HUM non WM storage location. Then I create a non inventory managed HU in the same storage location. In the next step, I want to use VLMOVE to move it to a handling unit and warehouse managed storage location. It gives me an error- E 495 Change the inspection stock of material in QM only.

Could you please let me know if it is possible at all to do this type of movement?

I checked OSS notes 897240 and 991749 on similar (not the same) kind of problem. The correction instructions are already implemented in the system.

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It sounds like your material is in QI stock. You cannot put QI stock into a HU while it is in QI. You need to either put the material into the HU before inspection, or after. Not during. If you put it in before inspection, make sure you tick off the HU indicator in the 04 inspection type set up for the material.