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QM tables-Task List Group counter- PLNAL & PLNKN

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I am working to get a report for PM Calibration report, I have to link these 5 tables- EQUI, QAPP, QALS, PLMK and QAMR  to get Insp. lot result data, my queries are:

a) QALS-PLNAL (Task List Group counter) and PLMK-PLNKN (Task List Node) are same thing?

b) which field should be used for MIC/Char seq. no. matching -MERKNR or ZAEHL (internal counter)?

please suggest and all of above if any other better idea is there, please share.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Praveen,

To get Inspection Lot Result you can use the below logic.

MIC Description: Pass PRUEFLOS in Table QAMV and fetch MERKNR and KURZTEXT

Result Value: Pass PRUEFLOS and MERKNR in Table QASR fetch values  MITTELWERT ,Pass MITTELWERT in functional module QSS0_FLTP_TO_CHAR_CONVERSION



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