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QM-result recording after doing usage dcision and stock posting.

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HI gurus,

My client is steel manufacturing industry.The requirement of client is that, after doing usage decision and stock posting they want to do result recording.Thy want it like this because in case of urgency they pass the material and afterward they do the result recording.Is such a scenario is possible in standard sap.If yes pls. provide me the solution.

Thanks in advance.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Amit,

Activate the control indicator "Long-Term Inspection" inspection in all the MICs, for which the RR required after UD and stock posting,



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You know you can post material to unrestricted without doing UD, from the "Inspection lot stock" tab in QA11.

Jan Erik

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I wouls suggest you look at Jan's suggestion. Setting everything as LT characteristics is

1) not a good quality practice

2) you would still have to manually to the UD I believe, auto UD won't work. So if you have to manually process the lot anyway, you may as well just make the sotck posting and leave the lot open for results recording.


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