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QM Orders & Catchweight Management

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Dear all,

I'm working for the first time with QM Orders an I have some issues with it:

1)When I assign a 261 movement to my QN01 type order for a certain material, where does that stock go? Can I use it for something else or it only dissapears?

2)I go to KKF2 or KKF3 to modify/display my order, but somewhere in the transaction a dump appears:

"Transaction KKF3 is deactivated (Catch Weight Management)

Message no. /CWM/CU002"

So is it not posible to work with QM Orders in CWM? Or does it exist a new transaction for QM Orders?

Thanks in advance,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You are in luck. An SAP note has been released to remove this restriction:

check out this note - Note 1397012 - (IS-CWM: Enabling transactions KKF2 and KKF3)



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Thanks Anil.

You're right, the support package SAPK-60406INISCWM was implemented succesfully, this SP contains the note you mention. Now the problem is solved.

Thanks again!

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