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QM notifications created without entries in JEST via QM05_CREATE_NOTIFICATION

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Hi gurus,

I'm facing a new issue.

We've upgraded from 701 to 740 and after this, we've a problem while creating QM notifications.

In the BADI MB_DOCUMENT_BADI(Method DOCUMENT_BEFORE_UPDATE) for MIGO processing, we are creating QM notifications based on the material data. The notifications are created by calling the standard function QM05_CREATE_NOTIFICATION, but we have a problem.

If the process creates just one notification, everything is OK.

But if it creates more than one, we can see the new notifications in QMEL table but there are not entries in JEST table for their OBJNR number, except for the last one.

Let's say, we've created 3 QM notificaciones, numbered 1,2 and 3. Each one of them, have their corresponding OBJNR number in QMEL: QM00001, QM00002 and QM0003.

Each one of this OBJNR should have their corresponding entries in JEST table, but only the last one (QM0003) have it, so the other notifications are in a wrong situation, and they are unable to manage via QM02/03 transactions.

Have you ever faced some similar situation?

Thanks in advance.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Finally solved. Issue was caused by a custom enhancement inside the BAPI logic.

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