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QM active and QI stock not available for MRP planning

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When we set a plant/material as active for QM, QI stock is switched to not available for planning when you look at Stock Statistics on MD04. What is the cause of this? For plant/materials that are not QM active it is available for planning. As a result of this planned orders are created until the UD is posted. Is there a configuration setting for this?

Appreciate any help anyone can give.

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In Standard SAP QI stock is considered as available stock in MRP. In Plant parameters for MRP in transaction OPPQ you can define other stock types like "Restricted", "Blocked" and "Stock in Transfer" whether it needs to be taken as available or not in activating or deactivating the check box.

i hope in your system BADI "MD_CHANGE_MRP_DATA" is activated for this purpose to remove QI stock from available stock during MRP. Please check,



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Hi Byron,

As per standard SAP, QI stocks are always taken into planning via MRP. In your case, however it is actually NOT considering QI stock. So I believe that somehow standard settings have been altered for MRP.

I don't remember the exact t.code or SPRO node, but in ATP calculation area or MRP calculation area under SPRO --> PP, you can definitely find the settings.

Do let me know if you could do so, otherwise I will explore.