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Put Expired material in to Blocked stock while running QA07/QA05

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Batch status management is active for my plant and I want to put expired material in to Blocked stock,once we run Qa07/QA05.

Pls. suggest the possible ways to do it.

As batch status management is active so system put expired material in to Restricted status.


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Answers (2)

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Hi Rakesh,

The option is available in the QA07 layout itself.

- In the lower portion, the details for "Batch Status Changed When Expiration Date Is Reached" is there, It will refer the Shelf life expiration date in the Batch itself and Post the batch to block stock if the check box here "Block Batch" is ticked.

- For the Both the functions it will take a Initial run in days in count to pick the batches. E.g. if you enter 10 as run in days, so where ever the program "RQAAAS10" will run, it will post those batches in Quality for which the the next inspection date falls in the orbit of next 10 days. Similarly block the batches for which the Shelf Life Expiration date falls under orbit of next 10days.

- Now go back and select option yes to the message populate having text as "Leave value maintenance: Save values?"

- Then name your variant logically, set the appropriate values for variant, if required.

Deadline montoring has two pieces to its program. The top section is the section for creating inspection lots. It uses the next inspection date.

The second section handles actual expired material. It uses the batch expiration date. If you don't want to create inspection lots, leave the window value null in the first section and don't activate any 09 inspection types.

The deadline monitoring program will first, (if a value is in the window field of the second section. Dhaval - make sure you enterred at least a one here.. that might be why its not working for you), look at batches in unrestricted inventory and will move them to blocked stock if they will expire within the window value of days. i.e. if you but 10 in as the window value, it will move all batches to blocked stock that will expire in the next ten days. You do not need any QM active to utilize this part of the program.

After moving batches to blocked stock, it then looks at unrestricted inventory for batches that will reach their next inspection date within in the window specified. If the 09 inspection type is active, it will create an inspection lot and handle stock according to the selected radio button.

Keep in mind that if a batch reaches the inspection date and expiration date at the same time, the batch will be in blocked stock with no inspection lot since the expiration portion of the program runs first.

I usually set up the program to run twice, first to just create inspection lots, and then second, to move expired material.

Pls revert if there is any query,



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Through QA07,u cant directly post to unrestricted,u can block the batch status only.

So select the tap To inspection stock at lot creation,this will post the stock to quality stock,from qlty stock u will post to blocked stock through UD stock posting .