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Put away block based on stock category

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Dear Friends,

Situation: During the initial stock upload at IM level, system posted the stock in to 998 interim bin and generated inspection lot. Then the materials was put away to actual storage type and bins with stock category Q. Since the inspection lot generated at IM level, interim storage type and interim storage bins are taken as default in to the inspection lot and users try to pick the quantity for sampling. But in reality, the stock is already put away from interim to actual storage type/bins. Hence the system is posting -ve stocks after the quality check (Usage decision).

I was wandering, is it possible to block put away if the stock category is Q at IM level. I Mean to say that system should not allow to put away until quality check is performed (usage decision).

Appreciate your response at the earliest.



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There is no customizable way to restrict WM movements for Q stock.

It would not make much sense either. 998 or any other interim storage types are usually no real physical spaces. they are usually only a technical imperative  for the interface between inventory management and warehouse management, as inventory management can only know fixed bins. So the interim storage types are actually helping the warehouse manager to actively plan and control his warehouse.

if you do not want that people put away the Q stock, then customize your system in a way that you do not directly/automatically create TOs. Without TO - no movement.

It is just a philosophy whether you putaway first or after the usage decision, if almost 100% will pass the quality check, and you do not have a lot space in the receiving area, then early moving can be a good choice. If for example 10 % never pass the quality check, then early moving will cause double movements (double work) for those items.

If your Q quant is not split into several bins, then SAP is able to find this quant to do the posting change when the Q is released to unrestricted stock.

if it got splitted, then the one who confirms the posting change has to select the quants himself.

It is the warehouse manager who finally controls when he wants to do what, no need to restrict the movement systematically with an exit.