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purpose of material serial number

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hello guys

i hust want to know the purpose of serial number

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Hello Deepak,

Addition to Ramki's detailed explaination, the use of serial number is as follow:

- Serial number is unique identification number which is used addition to Material Master record.

- Serial number is used for material to identify and differentciate componenets within the same materials i.e. The same material number (In above Ramki's example, Laptop) will be used for several units, but below material master you can use Valuation type to make further separation, below valuation type you can use Batch record for further saperation and below that also you can use Sr number for more identical number.

The following is the link which will give information where serial number can be used and how:

Hope this helps.


Arif Mansuri

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Hello Deepak

Serial numbers are used to identify each individual items.

Think of your laptop. It has a serial number to identify all the transaction done on this particular laptop (when & where was it produced, which sale order , delivery used to sell, to whom was it sold etc). This information is also essential for servicing. Most of your consumer durables with warranty have a serial number too. Manufacturers maintain the record of service history w.r.t serial number.

For more info:

Best regards