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purpose of Access sequence in text determination procedure?

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Dear all,

I can get my text id's at sales document header/item level by simply assigning my defined text id to the text determination procedure.

now, what is the need for having an access sequence where a text abject and text id is maintained??

Thanks and regards


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Answers (2)

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Thank you so much!

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Define Access Sequences For Determining Texts

In this IMG activity, you define the access sequences which the SAP System uses to determine the texts for a text object.

Afterwards, you specify an access sequence for the text search in the determination procedure for every text type.

You only define access sequences for sales and distribution documents, not for customer master records.

With an access sequence, you define the sequence and the requirements of the search used by the SAP System to find a text.

This allows you, for example, to have the system check whether a text exists in the customer language. If this is not the case, then a text in the sales organisation language can be searched for. If this is also unsuccessful, you can have the system carry out the search using English as the fixed value.

To do this, you make the following specifications for every access sequence:

acc. no (access number)

With the access number, you define the sequence in which the text objects of an access sequence should be read. The element with the lowest access number is read first. If an appropriate text is found, the search is ended. Otherwise, the SAP System checks the element with the next number up.

Text object

Here, you define which text objects should be checked by the SAP System for an access sequence.

In the standard SAP R/3 System, for example, in the access sequence 0001 for the text object sales document header is defined, that the SAP System first searches for a form header text in the preceding document (text object VBBK) and afterwards for a sales note in the customer master record (text object KNVV).

ID (text type)

Here, you define which text type is to be read from the specified text object.

It is recommended to select the same text type for the text to be copied. For example, the text for the form header in the customer master record (text type 0001) should be copied into the text for form header of a sales document (text type 0001).