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Purchase requisition release strategy not triggering inspite of complete set up

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Dear SAP experts,

I have set up one release strategy with below CL20N parameters for Purchase requisition (PR)

document type- NB




Account assignment category-K

Total Value all document >= 100000.01 EUR

After this set up, PR is created with value 100000.01 EUR,Release strategy is attracted as per expectation. But when the value is increased to 2000002.00, the strategy gets disappeared,however this price is greater than 100000.01 EUR in CL20N, But still strategy is not getting attracted.

Could you please advice where I am doing wrong? Thanks in advance.

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Answers (1)

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Please check if CEBAN-GFWRT contains the correct value when you increase the value. The breakpoint can be set at function module ME_REL_GENERAL_STRATEGY_EBAN, after calling the line CALL CUSTOMER-FUNCTION '004'". If CEBAN-GFWRT is incorrect, please check if user exit EXIT_SAPLEBND_004 has any codes that affects the calculation logic.

Best regards,