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Purchase requisition mandatory for few PO document type

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Dear Team,

We have a requirement to generate purchase orders (POs) for specific document types exclusively with reference to a purchase requisition.

Therefore, we've created a new screen layout for these document types, designating the purchase requisition field as a required entry, and assigned this layout to the relevant document type. However, we've encountered an issue where the system permits the creation of POs without entering data into the purchase requisition field, despite it being designated as mandatory.

Q.1) How is it possible for the system to proceed without requiring entry into a field that has been set as mandatory?

Q.2) Could you kindly suggest an alternative solution to enforce the mandatory requirement of a purchase requisition for select PO document types?



Sabarinathan K





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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Please use the BADI BD_MMPUR_FINAL_CHECK_PO , to perform the check for the specific document type for which you want to have the PR as mandatory