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Purchase Requisition Header Level Release

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We currently have implemented a header level purchase requisition release strategy. The characteristics that make up this release strategy are Doc Type, Item Category, and Purchasing Org.

I have created one release strategy with multiple values populated for each of those characteristics.

However when I go to create a purchase requisition with mulitple line items, each with a different item category, the release is no longer valid. Even though all the item categories have been specified in the release strategy.

Does header level release, limit all my lines being the same item category?

If the above is true then is there any way I can make my characteristics in my release strategy a not equal to?

Characteristic Values Maintained

For example all reqs of doc type X, item category does not = Y, purchasing org Z

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Even though you have defined different values for item category when you define characteristics, when you select the values of characteistics in release strategy, the system will accept only one item category i.e., only single value. almost all characteristics, except price/amount, has only single value selection. for price it can be a range.

so even though you give different item categories in CT04, you cannot use all.

for this case go for the release procedure with classification.

your issue will be solved..

reward if helpful...