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Purchase Organisation assignment

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hi friends,

i have 3 company codes..each company code have 4 plants..and only one purchase organisation..

this is handling all purchases..(standard,subcontracting, Sto)

where can i assign this pur. org...????

what is Standard pur. org ???

what is reference pur .org??

what is central pur. org???



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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For the assignment follw the below path.

Go to SPRO> EnterPRise Structure>Assignment>Logistic general>Assign plant to company code

Check in this ,to chich COmpany code the Plant is attached to .

Know go to

Go to SPRO> EnterPRise Structure>Assignment>Material Management>Assign Purchase org to company code

Know check that the Plant and Purchase Org should be to same company code

if they are so yes then only we can link this Purchase org to the PLant as below

Go to SPRO> EnterPRise Structure>Assignment>Material Management>Assign Purchase org to Plant

Know comming to your questions.

Standard Purchase org.

If in the above config if we have defined Multiple Purchase org to one Plant.

then in some transaction for automatic flow it always required to have one Purchase org standard one

so for acheiving the same we will maintain this config at

SPRO> Enterprise Structure>Assignment>Material Management>Assign Standard Purchase org to plant

Reference Purchase Org.

IN some cases if in a company ywo Purchasing Deparent working for two purchassing Org want some data in common like the Pricing Procedures or conditions maintained.

to make this flexible and easy

we define one Master Purchase org as the refrence Purchae org ,which acts as reference to all purchase orgs and it has all conditions maitained in it .

Central Purchase org. Sorry to say that i dont /heard abt one.

let me know the path where i could fine the that i would try to help you .



Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Since you have only one purchase organisatiion , assign this purchase organisation to all the plants. Donot assign to company code. Now this purchase organisation will work as central purchase organisation for all the plants.



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If you have only one Pur orgn for multiple Company code. then Use Txn OX01 yu will find you pur orgn and the the column CoCd , leave this field EMPTY.

Then it will work for all Company codes.

Ref P org- When we refer other plant Pur org to procure material/services for our plant then it is called so., the reason is to have the conditions of the ref pur orgn for all other Pur ogrns.

Std pur orgn- used for pipeline procurement", "consignment" and "stock transfers". if we have mulitple pur orgns.

Central Pur orgn- This is the Pur orgn which is assigned at company code level as wellas to allthe plants in that scenarion it can procure for all the plant below the company code.

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Standard/Central Purchase organisatrion: Purchase organization of one plant takes care of all the purchases of other plants coming under same company code. It is assigned to all the plants of the company code and It does purchasing for all the plants.

Reference Purchae Organization: It is the organizational unit from which conditions for contract are occured or adopted by plant level purchase organization for procurement of material and services.

It is not assigned to any company codes. The contracts/agreement made by Reference purchasing organisation may be used/referred by local purchasing organisation. Such contracts can be used across company codes.

Hope it helps.