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Purchase Order Vs Vendor Invoice

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Hi expert, my question are below and need your expertist to input. Thanks.

Purchase Order - 2 Items

1. AAA - 1.00

2. BBB - 2.00

GRPO - 2 Items as PO

After received

Vendor Invoice

1. AAA - 1.00

2. BBB - 2.00

3. CCC - 3.00 (Wrong Bill) and Vendor already create a credit memo to us.

My question as when 3 ways macth, how I entry into SAP B1 transactions?

From GRPO copy to A/P Invoice only Items 1 and 2, how the customer credit memo I need to entry? create a need PO?

Hopefully get a good solution, Thanks.


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The question is a bit unclear but I will do my best.

The stock and accounting entry for each item can be reversed individually for each item. The system will know what to post based on the information in table (view) OINM for a Continuous Stock System.

But here - did they credit the goods before they Invoiced it?? I did not get that part or the business logic behind it.

I hope that helps,