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Purchase Order Tax Jurisdiction Code Default

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I have a business requirement to have my tax code default based off of Delivery Address Region field.

I can achive this by creating a custom condition table with region, creating a custom access sequence, inserting the custom table, and attaching it to condition type NAVS.

My problem is that my tax code requires a tax jurisdiciton code. So I can default the tax code but that is useless without being able to default the tax jurisdiction code.

How can I default the tax jurisdiction code in the delivery address, _*WITHOUT DEFAULTING IT IN THE PLANT OR STORAGE LOCATION MASTER DATA. IT NEEDS TO DEFAULT BASED OF OF REGION.*

Is there a condition type for Tax Jurisdiction code or something along those lines.....

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There is a BADI available with name ME_TAX_FROM_ADDRESS [SE18] (Tax jurisdiction code taken from address). As per documentation, this is the correct one for you.

The Business Add-In (BAdI) ME_TAX_FROM_ADDRESS provides you with additional functionality to determine the tax jurisdiction code in purchase orders. At item level, the tax jurisdiction code maintained in the delivery address can be used for tax calculation purposes.