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Purchase order Receipt value and invoice value does not match

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Hi Experts

We have a situation where in purchase order value $ 355.71 - is lot less then inter company invoice. I have included screen shot of conditions for better analyses. Is it possible that pricing is not updated correctly ?

But if you look at the inter company invoice value is 14,930.45

Thanks in advance for your input !

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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   In the first screenshot, I can see that the condition type ZPRS is inactive. Only ZPXX condition type is added to the net value. Other condition types could be either statistical or acrual condition or inactive through condition exclusion.

The PO quantity : 21 EA

PO price: 355.71 USD per 1000 LB

21 EA = 42000 LB, that is 1 EA = 2000 LB

So PO price = 355.71 /1000 * 42000 = 14939.82 (it is the expected correct value)

   But in your case, I could see the conversion is changed at PO condition tab to 1 EA = 1 LB for price condition ZPRS (manual change) as highlighted below:

   If the conversion is 1 EA = 1 LB for condition value, then the system will calculate the value as below:

PO Price = 355.71/1000*21 = 7.47 USD.  (The same value is coming in your case)

  You may change the conversion to 1 EA = 2000 LB against the condition type ZPRS in PO - condition tab (highlighted in the above screenshot) and check the calculation again. System will calculate the amount correctly.

   Please check and revert back.

   In the second screenshot, the PO value is calculated correctly.

   Hope its clear. Revert back if you need further clarification.



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Hello AK,

Your analysis is accurate, I created new with same data and calculation was right that means conversion on the material master was all Ok.

To replicate this issue I wanted to check if i can change the condition ZPRS at the PO level but I am unable to change as its grayed out (i'm in create mode). Neither I could find who changed original PO in item changes.

Thanks for your help !


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Do you want the pricing to flow from the PO raised by company 1 into the sales invoice of company 2? This does not happen in standard.

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Look at your net value for item in inter company invoice.

It is showing 710.97, ans your quantity is 21, so your amount is showing 21 X 710.97 = 14930.37.

Check the item condition tab details. Check the all conditions amount.