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Purchase order price to sales order

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Dear all,

The scenario is in the case of third party sales (i.e trading cases) --- how to get the price of purchase order as the price for sales order and then add margin say 10% to it which would become the gross price and we can add sales tax to it and bill it.

purchase maintains price of goods per unit wise per vendor and they maintain these prices in MM itself.

Can we use EK01 condition type to get this price ? How to use it if we can ?



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you can create a condition type for base price (copy of PR00) and add condition value routine .

In the routine derive condition values from table such as EKPO-NETPR by validating reference of sales order number and line item no for that PO.

this can be updated in billing created with reference to sales order. and you can either keep condition type for margin either manual or if its fixed derived from condition record.

I hope this helps.