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purchase order between two companies and billing procedure

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Hi all, I'd like to use this business scenario:


create a purchase order to vendor for company "A" (organizational data in PO); the delivery plant used in this PO is in a company "B"


good receipt is posted in plant b001 for company "B"


vendor invoice is posted in company "A"


company "A" need to create an invoice (re-sell goods) to company "B"

is this process supported in SAP?

in detail I know that when you stay in step 3, when you post the invoice for company "A", some automatic posting between companies exist (compensation account);

is possible to have an automatic invoice from "A" to "B", step 4?

I remember that soe intercompany process exist in SD area with delivery, but I don't think in this scenario.....

do you have some suggestions?....

Thanks in advance,

Attilio Roppoli

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tnks a lot for suggestion.

in my opinion the business scenario that I mentioned is not supported, because for cross company process you have compansation between two companies without invoice from company A to company B; in intercompany process the trigger is sales order / delivery.

in my business scenario I have only Purchase order to Vendor for company A; vendor ship the goods for company B; vendor send the invoice to company A and the invoice post a compensation accounting automatically; BUT is not possible to have an invoice from A to B for re-sell the goods; in my opinion you can post only an invoice in accounting (without logstics document).

do you agree?

thanks in advance, Attilio

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I think you are referring to Internal Procurement (Cross-Company Stock Transfer).

See if this helps.

Cheers !