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Purchase Information Record deletion flag(EINA-LOEKZ)

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i have question about deletion flag for the complete info record.

I set the glag for the info recode. but i can use T-code migo for transfer posing (411 K).

May i konw what purpose for this flag?

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Answers (2)

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Hello chenal

The purchasing info record deletion flag is a prerequisite for archiving - see Wiki article Delete PIR:

You can only archive PIR documents, that have been marked for deletion; this is the real effect of the deletion mark.

Purchasing info records marked for deletion still exist in the system, are valid and are used in the purchasing processes - see notes:

1896184 - Deleted info record used when creating purchasing documents

2355553 - Deleted Info Records are displayed in the F4 search help

Best regards

Dominik Tylczynski

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The info record keeps information specific to the combination of material # and vendor master record. It should not have any impact in MIGO when executing a goods transfers.

I think you're getting confused between info record and material number.