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Pull list process

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Hi Friends,

I have read the help but I understand that the Pull list is a process used to replenish the stock of components frm main storage location to issue storage location. I have some queries:

1. Can someone please explain the full use of Pull list process in SAP?

2. What is the configuration required?

3. What all master data is needed?

4. The transaction codes for the process.



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Answers (2)

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Dear Narendra Bora,

Pull List(T.code MF60) can be used to stage the required component's from the main storage

location to the Issue Storage Location for both production orders as well as Repetitive Manufacturing.

Using MF60,Either a direct stock transfer posting can be done for 311 movement or else a stock

transfer reservation for 311 movement can be done ,based on the setting of Stock Transfer Res in the

Global Settings(Under Replenishment Options).

There are many ways of passing the input,either based on the planned order/production order or else

based on Entry with BOM  Explosion.Also the check box for S.Loc Level for staging type should be

set before executing. Also the selection horizon for requirements(date) has an effect in the output or

the missing parts.

Check and revert back.



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Dear Narendra,

Pull list is used in repitative manufacturing, where there is a shortage of the stock at the production storage location. By using the pull list you can pull the component directly in to the storage location.

Please refer the below links , hope it may help you.