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PT60 issue (Automatic trigger)

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Hi Experts,

My client has a specific requirement while generating PT60.

1. They are having negative time management. Based on specific action time RPTIME00 should not increase the quota of that employee for that point of time.

In few cases employee become inactive. but in few cases employee is active. kindly suggest how to restrict these active employees.

2. If separation action is run for any employee RPTIME00 should automatically recalculate the leave quota till separation date.

e.g. RPTIME00 is run twice in a year for 6 months i.e on 1st jan and 1st july. suppose on 1st of july employee gets 15 days quota for next 6 months i.e for 31st Dec, and employee gets separated on 31st oct then RPTIME00 should recalculate the quota till 31st Oct.

Kindly suggest how to achieve this. Client dont want to re-run RPTIME00 manually.



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Here is the example:- Employee quotas will be generated on 1st Jan 15 days and July 15 days of Quotas.

Now if the employee is separated in the month of Oct 30th Nov quotas has to readjust to 10days automatically when a separation action happens it this your question ?

If yes you use BADI HRPAD00INFTY in this you to write the code  to submit RPTIME00 with relevant parameter when separation action is run.

What if employee has taken 15 days of quotas by end of Oct 30th as there are no quotas can be reduced ?


Raja Sekhar