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PS - HR ( time sheet)

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hello ppl i am doing a project on time sheet which includes a link between HR and PS....

It would be nice if anyone can explain me how is the master cost center and the sub cost centers are linked???

cost center is created using a TC KS01 right.. is there any way we can link the sbu cost center to the master one???? because in project system we have a cost center for each activity. so at a time a person is assigned to more than one cost center how can this be done????

i dono if this is a relevant question... plz correct me if i am wrong...

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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For the purpose of project cost allocation you will have to use HR infotype 0315 - Time sheet defaults.

You will have to update the sender cost centre to which you would want to post the project cost. The employees would be able to enter activity / network relevant to the sender costcentre only.

The org.assignment costcentre is not very relevant to the project cost allocation. Ideally when any changes happen in the organisational assignment of an employee, the sender cost centre is also changed through activating dynamic actions. In other words, the master cost centre (In 0001 - organisational assignment) and sender cost centre is 0315 - timesheet defaults should be the same

Let me know if u have any questions.



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