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Hi Gurus

How can I take out the cost of PRT in product costing.

How can I implement the PRT and can anyone send me the user document

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Tushar

the PRT is technical objects which is required for production..Let us know brief abt the product costing for PRT in which area ?

This PRT will be dealing thro PP for routing and activity of operation which helps for production.

U can find the PRT usage value at PRT tab in CO02 T code.

The same way this falls under QC since mostly it is testing kit. Example MICRO METER .thro this QC dept will analyse & note the readinds of the Qty of the product and they will take the decision for product.

In maintenance point of view this will be created as PRT equipments. The calibration orders will be created. The MIC will created for this equipments.

either way can go for time stratagy mtc plan or measurment docs will created while confirming the Production order . So that it hits PM . According to that the mtc processing will be taken.

As asset point of view we can say this will be expensed asset (not capital or leased) i dont think no need to create asset code. If u may go for straight depreciation method.

For costing better u have discuss with CO guys.

I may given some inputs.

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