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Hi Team,

I have created material PRT (in MM01), document PRT (in CV01n), equipment PRT (in IE01) and miscellaneous PRT (in CF01). I have got the object ID for these PRTs in table CRFH. In CRFH i could not able to see the PRT descriptions for the above created PRTs.

In order to see the PRT descriptions, i have passes these object IDs to the table CRTX. In table CRTX, i could able to see the PRT descriptions which has been created in the transaction CF01 (Miscellaneous PRT). The other PRT descriptions (material PRT, equipment PRT,document PRT) i can not able see in the table CRTX.

1.From which table, can i get the descriptions of material PRT, equipment PRTand document PRT by passing the object ID?

2. Is the table CRTX only for the PRTs which are created in the transaction CF01?

Please clarify


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Use table CRVM_A

it is used to link PRT data to material data