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Providing existing employees with PLANS number in Infotype 0001

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I am working on a program to supply external employees with a PLANS-number in IT001. (In the past only payroll-employees were assigned an S-object in OM)

I made up an bdc-routine in ABAP that in PP01

1. creates an S

2. links the S to an O (organization)

3. links the S to a C (role)

4. links the S to a P (personnel number)

The program seems to work fine. But when I check IT0001 for the personneel number, the integration field does not show the adequate PLANS-number. As I check table PA0001, the values for PLANS, STELL, ORGEH are not updated. Still, when the button "Org. Management Info" in iT0001 is clicked, the appropriate info is shown.

Of course the integration switch PA/OM in SPRO is switched to 1.

When I manually do the actions instead of automated by the abap-program, IT0001 is normally updated.

Why is bdc ging results that are different from the same actions taken manually? Is there a solution to it? Or is there perhaps a better way to provide personnel numbers with a PLANS-number.

Thanks so much.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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the integration between Om and PA is updated through programs RHINTE*

when u do it manually these programs get executed dynamically and the data is transferred from and to

but when uploaded these dynamic programs are not called and executed, hence u wont find the data being updated.

u have to run the reports manually.

then only the data will get updated



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