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Proration of IT 0014 when basic pay split in the middle of the month

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Proration of Infotype 14.

1. My wage type 1045 transportion allowance is indirectly valuated ie. 10 % of basic. And maintained in infotype 0014.

2. When IT 0008 Basic pay is changed in the middle of the month eg. 01.04.2010 14.04.2010 with basic 40850, and 15.04.2010 to 31.12.9999 with 42080.

3. How can I handle this situation for wagetype 1045 in IT 14 because split is not affected IT 0014

thanks in advane.

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No need to create two records in 0014IT. if your wage type indirectly valuating from basic wage types, system automatically read the 2 splits amount and finally it will give the one amount .

Monthly calculation:

Like : 01.04.2010 14.04.2010 with basic 40850, (full month (for 31 days)10%- 4085, for 14 days- 1906)

15.04.2010 to 30.04.2010 with 42080. (lets assume(for 31 days - 42080)-10% -4208, for 16 dats - 2245)

so, finally 1045 wage type should pick the two splits amount into one amount ie,, 1906+2245 = 4151.

It will effect, if your wage type have 0008 wage type group nature and if ur calculating on basic.,



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Please Refer PCR U111 which is used for above said purpose

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You can achieve this by using operation WPBPC. Please refer to standard help to determine which parameters would best fit your requirements.

  • allows proration of wage types coming from IT 0014

  • Parameter S: splits WPBP if IT0014 entry starts/stops in the middle

  • of a period, IT0014 wage type is stored in OT

  • Parameter A: distributes IT0014 entries over all WPBP entries,

  • with pro ration according to calendar days

  • Parameter X: combination of S and A

  • Parameter W: splits WPBP if IT0014 entry starts/stops in the middle

  • of a period, but IT0014 wage type is NOT stored in OT

  • Parameter ' ': places IT0014 entries into OT with the corresponding

  • WPBP-split-number

For this you should call P0014 in your payroll scheme with a customer PCR to process wages and in this PCR call WPBPC operation.

This should be processed before time scheme xT00 Process Time Data in Payroll (where X is your country leter grouping - A germany, E Spain, etc...)

Hope it helps.


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still am not getting the result,

can u tell me whether we have created two record in it 14 or it will automatic split at the time of payroll run.

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I think you are asking for this one

say one XXXX wage type is being maintained in IT0014 as 100 Rs and there was a split in the mid of the month so for the Frist 15 days is should be 50 Rs and next 15 days it shd be 50 Rs in that case

What our Guru Antonie said is Quite enough still if you are not able to do please let us know