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prorata tax S_RFID_PTVPRADPRC00

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Hello experts,

Can someone explain me the transaction S_RFID_PTVPRADPRC00 prorata adjustment calculation ?

I have a temporary prorata of 20% done on my invoices. (FV11 condition type)

My Definitive prorata % is 17% (year basis).

I try to fill in all the fields in the S_RFID_PTVPRADPRC00 and execute --> leads to error :

Coefficient is not valid in period. Posting is not made.

Message No. IDFI_VAT_PR044

My selection is well on "execute DPR adjustment" --> What am I doing wrong? what can I improve to make it correctly work?

Thanks in advance for advices,


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I just try with option don't create doc and it seems the system doesn't take my coeff prorata of transaction S_RFIDPTDPR -->??

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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In the report,

Pro-Rata Debit Tax Code in posting parameters has to be non prorata code (one taxable and one non taxable)!!

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