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Propose Items in Create Sales Order fiori app

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I would like to know if "Propose Items" in the Create Sales Order fiori app works?

I have setup the "Template for Item Proposal", and then setup the Customer Master Data setting the field values for "Item Proposal" and "PP Customer Procedure".  I thought (or believe) these are all i need to make use of the propose items functionality in the Sales Order.

When i open the fiori app to create a new sales order, select the sold-to party, go to items tab to select... I can see the field is active for "Propose Items".  If i click it, nothing happens, no table pop-up or anything like that that pulls the item proposal template. Item proposal is not working.

However, if i use the old "Create Sales Order -VA01", it works.

Question - is this an expected behaviour in the newer fiori app in Create Sales Order, that Propose Items function is not working?  Or perhaps am i missing a step or setup?



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Hi Catherine,

Please consult the documentation which you can find here:
App Implementation: Manage Sales Orders - Version 2 
This app uses the Intelligent Product Proposal which is also described here:
Intelligent Product Proposal 

Hope this helps!