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Project Coding Mask

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In the project coding mask (V_TCJED-POSID) the char. are restricted to 24. If the project has to be structed for e.g. above 25 levels. Is it possible to do so using the coding mask or we have to go ahead with only free coding by which system allows upto 99 levels.

In my case, the levels would be 7 and the coding mask which is being used is (Project Id TT and coding mask -XXX-XX-00000) Hence, this is the clients requirement to use these 13 char. which cannot be ruled out. With the other 11 chart. I am able to achive only 3 levels by using two char. for each level.



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Your requirement is


TT is taken are by the Project ID and is not part of the 24 char

remaining is 25 char - so you are out by 1

I would suggest look at your design again - can you not have any one of the levels with a single X - surely for all levels you will not have so many options

Usually 4-6 levels are a good design

else use free coding

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It has been clarified by SAP that the fields should be enhanced. Therefore we have adviced the users to go ahead with the restriction or the free coding mask.