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Project Coding Mask

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Hi all,

is there any way to increase the "Length of key for coding" in customizing more than 1 place after choos

the system was already configured that the Length of key for coding was 1 ??

I tried to create coding mask with project ID "NR" and the system gave me this message:

"Key is too long. Key cannot exceed 1 places

Message no. CJ604


You have entered a key for the coding of the project definition or WBS element that is too long. A value of "1" for the length in coding was defined in the control parameters.

System Response

Processing stopped.


Enter a key that does not exceed the maximum length."

Procedures for the system administrator: Check to make sure that the correct length for the key was defined in the control parameters.

If necessary, ensure that a different length is defined.

So i went to Define Special Characters for Projects and entered "5" in PL field and the system gave me this error message:

"Projects/WBS elements with identification "1" exist

Message no. CS084


The key can only be extended, if there are no project definitions or WBS elements that are only identified with their external number by the key of the project editing mask.


Project editing mask 'EB-XXX-000'. The key cannot be extended if the external number is only 'EB'.


You can only change this by changing the external number"

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Byalya,

I tried some permutation & combination but it seems that you have to archive all projects then you can change the coding mask length. I do not know whether it will be possible for you to archive all projects or not.

If archiving is not possible & client stricts to use two character at the starting for project definition, then you can disable the coding mask.

I think these inputs may be little help for you, letu2019s wait for others opinion


Ashok Sangal

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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go to following link in IMG

PS>Structures>Operative Structures>WBS>Project Coding mask>Define Special Characters for Projects

Check the first text box if its "1", change it to "2" and save it. read the warning massege carefully and accept it.

try creating project as required.