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Progressive confirmation.

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Hi all,

What is progressive confirmation?


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Hi nanda & SVP,

Thanks for your inputs.


Vadivel R

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Progressive confirmation :

When carrying out Progressive confirmation we report the progress of the

order by confirming the operation that we have reached.( at the end of the day)

No settings in the control key for Progressive confirmation.

Progressive confirmation requires to enter the total qty that has been produced

rather than quantity that has been produced since last confirmation.


you produce 10 pcs of material .Enter the confirmation in two steps each time after 5 pcs has been produced.

If you use time ticket confirmation enter 5 pcs per confirmation.

If you use progressive confirmation enter 5 pcs for firat confirmation and 10 pcs

for second confirmation ( total qty)



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Assume there are 10 operations in your production order say 0010,00200---0100

Suppose If u select 0050 operation & do progressive confirmation it will also confirm the preceding operations -in our ex all the operations from 0010 to 0050 will be confirmed

This is also done in Mile stone confirmation but there are some differences

1 Mile stone confirmation is set though control key in the operation

2 In progressive confirmation -you enter the total quantity that has been produced, rather than the quantity that has been produced since the last confirmation.

For more information go to this help link

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